We have a few different shows available for K-8 audiences. We can also
customize an  anti-bully show to your schools needs.

Stop Bullying Now
Stop Bullying NOW is our K-8 Anti-bully show. Our professional cast of three actors
play a variety of characters combining both humor and drama to deliver a powerful and
sincere message about bullying. This 45-minute high-energy performance features
spoken word, scripted scenes, storytelling, monologues, role-playing scenarios and an
interactive game show.   Every show includes a talk back with the actors as they
discuss the seriousness of bullying, including sharing some of their own personal

The Anti-Bully Improv Show K-8
Our cast of improv comedians perform a hilarious improvisational
comedy show while working in positive messages including teamwork, building
confidence and helping others. The actors demonstrate how to create a great comedy
show on-the-spot by making each other look good while treating each other with
support and respect. This show also includes a talk back session with the actors,
where they discuss their obstacles in overcoming various issues - stage fright,
bullying, fears, etc. This is very good for character building.